SNRG Music


Saturday, MAY 19 6:15 PM – MAin Stage

SNRG is Some Never Really Get are brothers: Aaron “eyespk” and Beau “L.A.STone” Canlas, a hip-hop and spoken word, song-writing duo from the Washington DC area . . . with roots in Pampanga, Philippines. Combining front man Eyespk's poetic prowess with L.A.STone's ceremonial mastery ensures people are drawn close enough to take a serious listen to their melodic lyrics. They have performed in over 10 countries and shared a stage with some of music’s greatest.

SNRG is Some Never Really Get is a message of understanding. "Some Never Really Get [ _____ ]" is an open-ended statement and encourages you to become involved. Finish the statement, but don't just fill in the blank, FEEL it; and let the world know what Some Never Really Get about you.