Headliner - Reggae

Saturday, MAY 19, 9:00 pm – MAin Stage

Sahmuel is a gifted and well-rounded musician. He is a singer, song writer, composer, and producer of “World Message Music”. His music reaches beyond the ears of his audience and connects with their hearts, minds, and emotions. Sahmuel believes that his purpose on earth is to impact positive change in the lives of people through his “Message Music” one song at a time.

Sahmuel, who is a native Jamaican, hails from the small town of Buff Bay, located in the mid-eastern region of the island, in the parish of Portland. Sahmuel rich musical heritage can be attributed to the indelible influence of his grandparents, grand uncles and cousins. His grandfather (Adolphus Schroeter) was an expert trumpeter and guitarist, so Sahmuel very early introduction to professional music at the feet of his grandpa, was an uncommon and rewarding privilege.

Today, Sahmuel is a player of several musical instruments, with the guitar being his first. He sings and plays the guitar while on stage and sometimes accompanied by an elite group of other musicians and supporting vocalists. It’s a spiritual experience to behold and just to be taken away, if but for a while, by the powers of great music to a place of solace. Sahmuel musical prowess is undeniable and is evidenced by the enthralling effect it has on his audience as he delivers powerful lyrics that convey oneness, love, justice, peace and equality.

In the words of Sahmuel “we are more alike as a people than different as we think we are”