Throughout the 3-day weekend event film artists will have their work screening in multiple locations and at varying times.  Celebrating Life through diversity of film.

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Previous Panels + Workshops


Understanding and Using Your Digital SLR Camera

Do you own Digital SLR camera but feel you aren’t taking advantage of its capabilities? This class will help you understand what this camera has to offer. We’ll cover issues that are not unique to digital cameras, such as basic camera operations, exposure, light metering, depth of field, ISO settings, as well as issues that are unique to digital cameras such as navigating, jpeg versus raw, setting white balance, color correction, understanding the histogram and more. All brands of DSLR camera are welcome.



Improve your photography skills, and learn how to artistically transform your images - in “digitography”, creative possibilities are endless! We’ll start the session using Historic Manassas as a photo-shoot location, then we will manipulate our digital files with Adobe Photoshop in the Center’s computer lab. Using pictures taken during class or from home we will translate raw photos into compelling works of art. Phone & tablet cameras welcome. This introductory class is suitable for ages 10 to adults. Enrollment limited to 8 students.  Tuition includes $15.00 supply fee.

The Art of Digital Photo-Painting

My class describes what is art (Traditional vs Digital). The benefits of Digital Painting, The different types of Digital Painting. How digital painting can emulate traditional painting. How I emulating Traditional Painting by creating digital painting. I show how i use understanding layers, how I use the Adobe Photoshop Mixer Brush to create Digital Photo-Painting. Once the painting is complete, I show how I will displaying your art both online and through prints.