HEavy Metal

Friday, MAY 18, 6:45 pm – Pavilion Stage

Hailing from the morass of frustration that is our nation's capital, Division is undeniably contemporary, and unapologetically metal. The band has a long history of leveling audiences with its massive sonic assault - Testament, Nevermore, Kamelot, Dio, King Diamond, Bruce Dickinson, Symphony X, and Iced Earth are just a few of the powerhouses they have graced the stage - and held their own - with. Showcasing dueling leads and sinewy harmonies, pounding rhythms and searing vocals, explosive stage shows and exacting performances, they present the complete package. For nearly twenty years, Division has stood, while the trends have come and gone.

With the rejoining of founding member Scott Stewart and longtime bassist Dan Plunkett - as well as new drummer Marc Stauffer - Division is preparing a long-awaited fifth album, and is currently showcasing songs like "Angerman" and "Iconochasm" to local audiences during pre-production.