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Carol Covin

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Carol Covin Comedy

Carol Covin has been performing comedy for more than a year at sites that include Jirani Coffeehouse (where you can catch her Thursday nights), Malone’s, Deja Brew and Shenanigans. Specializing in clean comedy, suitable for families, her themes include marriage tips (she’s been married 50 years) and stories about children, grandchildren, parents, and observations about the world around us. Diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease several years ago, she gently draws her audiences into understanding how an uncontrollable tremor can be her superpower.

Topics include marriage, children, and observations of the world. Sample videos are: "Why Are Carrots Orange?  and "Drop the Cat!" "Breast Cancer Survivor" (Adult)

She is the author of the book, "Who Gets to Name Grandma?", a series of light-hearted conversations between mothers and grandmothers about how to raise the grandchildren, cartoon-illustrated, available at Prospero's, Grounds Central Station, and amazon..



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