Arthur Kwon Lee

Live Art over Hip-hop

Saturday, MAY 19 6:45 PM – Main Stage

Arthur Kwon Lee is an award winning Korean American visual artist born in the corporate politically entrenched Washington DC Area. Lee is best known for commenting on man’s sense of personal identity through large scale paintings and has dedicated his practice to combating postmodernism through a combination of unique mark making in conjunction to repressed archetypal subject matter. His influences go across the board from his relationship to the Jung Society of Washington, investment into his family church and a life commitment as a competitive martial artist. His work was first published in the Washington Korea Times when he was only 9 years of age after entering a National Art contest to which he took the Grand Prize.

Before this love of painting, Mr. Lee was a Division One ranked athlete winning Bronze in the US Tae Kwon Do Nationals for 3 consecutive years. The intensity Arthur experienced at this time of his life continues through his artwork, the scale and the diversity of dynamic brushstrokes he produces tells the story of a man who needs to use his entire body when painting, "it's almost like competing in martial arts," Lee has stated."Painting is analogous to practicing 'kata", I engage all of my mental facilities and am constantly critiquing the depth of the composition." He continued, "I had a serious opportunity to fight internationally but there was no other way but to refocus my attention onto the canvas. I wanted to embody the archetype of the warrior in the realm of ideas."

Since then, Lee has been awarded by George Washington University, The Overseas Korean Foundation, the Korea Memorial Foundation and the Korean Artist Association of US. Along with a myriad of murals along the East Coast, Lee has exhibited in the Gallery of San Carpoforo in Milan, The Bullock Gallery at the McLean Project for the Arts, and the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington DC. Lee's paintings are symbolically evocative whilst making oblique references to the archetypal mythos. The luminous colors, gestural expressionism and movement has made his artwork a highly sought over object of desire in the art world. Arthur Kwon Lee is currently working out of RONIN浪人STUDIO on the corner of 18th and Columbia Road, NW. (Adams Morgan – Washington, DC).