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Amber Pointer-Ayala


Nayomi has published three chapbooks. Chapbooks are a 60-page pamphlet strictly-adhering to poetry.  Her three projects are titled: TDOAF, Thursday, and The Heavy. The first body of work, TDOAF, was told through Nayomi’s lens. Topics included relationships with her male counterparts, cultural norms within the millennial generation, and a crumbling relationship that took place with her father before her very eyes. Thursday detailed a sexual conquest gone wrong. And the harmful-consequences to both her body and self-image that were to follow. Lastly, The Heavy, touched on systemic oppression, institutions, the inner-trappings of the public education system: and the like. She has been writing professionally since before she could remember. At the age of 15, she decided she would go the professional route and accept what she soon came to address as her calling. Ideally: she would like to drop her first novel to the masses and retailers no later than spring of 2019. But she is open to extending the publication date so long as she signs her name to something that she is proud of. And could stand-by as an artist. Her debut novel is titled Pretty Bird. And is still currently going through multiple editing phases. She hopes to tour off her spoken-word within the next five years or less. Born to a mother and father who both enlisted in the military, she knows what it is like to move from place to place. And about adapting to your surroundings. And shedding skin when need be. Escaping a dark past, she used art as both fuel and a healing-component: to which she hopes to gift the rest of the world with. Writing is no fluke. At 15, she wrote her first novel called “Six Times Too Many”: in which a young woman of Black and Filipino descent enters a relationship with near-deadly consequences. The following year after having turned sixteen, she tried a hand at poetry. And has-since fallen in love.



Instagram Handle: @yomitheotherworldly